Margie Lenau

Owner & Travel Advisor

Margie Lenau is an accomplished entrepreneur and author who founded Wonderland Family Vacations, LLC, in 2008. With a background in computer science and programming, Margie recognized the need for a more personalized way to book family travel, leading her to establish her agency specializing in family travel experiences. Margie’s dedication to family values is evident in her personal life as well; she has four children and 5 grandchildren, and her experiences with her own family, including her daughter’s heart surgeries and her son’s premature birth, have fueled her passion for family-centric travel.

Under Margie’s leadership, Wonderland Family Vacations has flourished, and she now focuses on working closely with her team members who share her enthusiasm for family travel. She collaborates closely with her dedicated team, all sharing her enthusiasm for family travel. Margie’s expertise and commitment to the industry have earned her recognition and accolades, including co-authoring a book with Jack Canfield titled “The Road to Success, Vol. 2,” which became a 2016 Amazon Best Seller. She has also received prestigious awards such as the National Best-Selling Author, The Quilly® Award, and an Editor’s Choice Award.

Beyond her professional achievements, Margie is actively involved in volunteer work with various non-profit organizations. She has been recognized for her contributions, receiving the Heartbeat Award from Families at Heart, a support group aiding families dealing with congenital heart disease. Additionally, she has collaborated with organizations like the West Michigan Turner Syndrome Society and has served as a board member and President of the Walker Chamber of Commerce.

She is not only a speaker advocating for family travel but also frequently quoted in articles, emphasizing her significant influence in the travel industry.  Margie’s steadfast commitment to family travel, coupled with her active involvement in both her community and charitable endeavors, exemplifies her mission to create a positive impact on the lives of others.